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Bioflow - (formerly Ecoflow)

Looking for something for someone with everything? - aching joints or an arthritic pet? Why not try Bioflow?
Wearing a Bioflow magnetic bracelet for arthritis will not do harm, and may help greatly.
Read an explanation of how Bioflow works here.

Bioflow at low prices and free UK post. Worldwide shipping (excepting North Korea!)

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Bioflow Explorer-2 in four colours
The Bioflow Explorer-2 bracelet has been rigorously tested by Royal Marine Commandos! On sale here at £25 off RRP. The Bioflow Explorer-2 comes with standard and narrow module sizes. The narrow module has short and long straps, while the standard module has short, long and XL sizes. Both in black, blue, red, pink and olive green. XXL in black only.Click for more information.

Click for Explorer-2 replacement straps in all colours and lengths.

Bioflow Executive magnetic bracelet
Bioflow Elite magnetic bracelet
Discovery Magnets offers substantial discounts on Bioflow magnetic products. Click on the product images or text for the product pages. If you suffer from aches and pains, try one of our magnetic bracelets with unique patented Bioflow CRP magnets.

Click here for reports from Bioflow users. We do not make claims for the benefits of wearing a Bioflow. Instead we offer a unique 90-day warranty. Buy one, try for up to 90 days and if you are not completely satisfied, return the produce for a refund less 15% of RRP. Customers report that osteoarthritis pains are reduced. Migraine reduces in frequency and severity, ME and MS sufferers say they obtain relief. And there are many other reports from customers.

Bioflow Pirouette magnetic bracelet


We guarantee you a refund if a Bioflow bracelet does not help you within 90 days. But be warned - they work! My return rate is under 2%

Bioflow magnetic Dog collar
Dog Collar

If your pet not as active as it used to be, why not try a Bioflow dog collar. Click here for information. Your pet does not know its new Bio flow dog collar will help its aches and pains, but many owners have proved that it does!.

bioflow horse boot

Bioflow magnetic horse boots for horses and ponies.

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British Medical Journal
In a study published in the British Medical Journal arthritis sufferers wearing Bioflow magnotherapy magnetic bracelets reported significantly less pain . Dr Lawson GP Dr Richard Lawson found wearing a Bioflow magnetic bracelet effective for patients with chronic musculo-skeletal pain.
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