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Magnetic Strength

Ever wondered what a Gauss or Tesla was? Read on and wonder no more.

The Measurement of Magnetic Strength
Lower strength magnets, normally used for therapy, are perfectly safe and the products do not have adverse side effects; so users should not worry about overdosing on magnetic strength. Although patients with active implants such as heart pacemakers and insulin pumps should not wear magnets. However it is possible to underdose on strength. A minimum strength per magnet is required to ensure that the magnetic field is powerful enough to penetrate through the skin and into the blood stream.

Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855), a German, was one of the greatest mathematician of his time. In 1841 he devised the world’s first magnetic telegraph. He studied the earth’s magnetic poles (north and south), and devised tables to calculate magnetic strength.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a Croatian, worked closely with Thomas Edison in the USA. Tesla later developed alternating current (AC) systems as distinct from the Direct Current (DC) systems developed by Edison. Tesla has numerous patents to his credit which are the basis of many modern day technologies.

The first international standard unit of magnetic measurement was called the gauss. The SI (Systeme Internationale) measurement of magnetic flux (strength) was named after Tesla. The Tesla is a much larger unit than that of gauss, so It is predominantly used in industrial applications, where very high strength magnets may be used. Tesla is not an appropriate measuring system for medical magnets as the calculation of strength has to be represented as milli tesla (1 thousandth of a tesla). However medicine is adopting the SI system of measurement so it becoming more common to find magnetic strengths listed in tesla.


A Tesla is a unit of magnetic flux density. It is equivalent to these other units:
1 Weber per square meter
10,000 Gauss (10 kilogauss)
10,000 magnetic field lines per square centimeter
65,000 magnetic field lines per square inch.

One Gauss is about 6.5 magnetic field lines per square inch. If you place the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb, enclosing approximately 1 square inch, four magnetic field lines would pass through that hole due to the earth's magnetic field!

Here is a list of relative strengths of magnetic fields:
Smallest value in a magnetically shielded room 10^-14 Tesla 10^-10 Gauss
Interstellar space 10^-10 Tesla 10^-6 Gauss
Earth's magnetic field
0.00005 Tesla
0.5 Gauss
Small bar magnet 0.01 Tesla 100 Gauss
Within a sunspot 0.15 Tesla
1500 Gauss
Small NIB magnet 0.2 Tesla 2000 Gauss
Big electromagnet 1.5 Tesla 15,000 Gauss
Strong lab magnet 10 Tesla 100,000 Gauss
Surface of neutron star 100,000,000 Tesla 10^12 Gauss

Most Bioflow magnetic products have 2000 Gauss at the surface. However, the reason for the effectiveness of the Bioflow magnetic products is the alternating polarity due to the patented CRP design. Moving a gauss meter across the inside surface of the Bioflow Elite, close to one edge the reading is around +350 gauss, in the centre it peaks at around -2000 gauss, and the field strength returns to +350 gauss again on the opposite edge. By convention, positive is North and negative South. In addition to the alternating polarity of the main magnet, there is also a relay magnet in the buckle, designed to draw the magnetic field deeper into the wrist. The magnetic field strength drops off rapidly with distance from the surface. For optimum benefit the magnet should be close to a blood vessel. The vein in the centre of the wrist is ideal for this, and many people are accustomed to wearing a watch or jewellery on their wrists. Peter Lawrie









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