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Bioflow magnets greatly reduced my arthritis pains. I was so pleased, I became a distributor of Bioflow magnets. Give it a try yourself.
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Many Bioflow magnets customers report improvements in their back and neck pain, knee pain, finger flexibility and gout. Others report reductions in frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Ezcema has cleared completely in weeks. Bioflow magnets appear to assist in the mechanism that regulates blood acidity - this can help blood pressure problems.
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The patented design of the CRP magnets used in Bioflow magnets emulates a pulsed magnetic field - proven to help many conditions.

Ecoflow are the only manufacturer of Bioflow magnets with 'Central Reverse Polarity' (CRP).

Why not tell me about yourself and I can tell you about the benefits achieved by others who have tried Bioflow magnets.

Bioflow magnets and Ecoflow personal service in and around broughty ferry, dundee, angus, tayside, scotland.

Bioflow magnets and Ecoflow Products shipped worldwide.

Bioflow Magnets are not a new concept. The beneficial effects of magnets have been known for thousands of years. However Ecoflow developed their patented 'Central Reverse Polarity' technology to maximise the beneficial effects of magnets on the body.

Many users of Bioflow magnets have reported reductions in aches and pains. Sometimes the effect can be dramatic but in other cases improvement may be gradual.  Everybody is different. Start by wearing your Bioflow magnets product all the time, if you then feel that you do not need it 24 hours a day, then reduce the time that you wear it. Customers using Bioflow magnets report reduction in swelling in painful joints, pain relief from arthritis, back pain and knee pain as well as relief from migraine and gout.. This relief is rarely temporary. Bioflow magnets are designed for continual wear giving long-term relief from pain. Bioflow Magnets are a form of natural healing - our bodies are assisted in healing themselves as a result of the benefit to circulation from wearing bracelets and other products incorporating Bioflow magets.

Bioflow Magnets are not limited to humans. Bioflow Customers have reported remarkable improvements in dog health and cat health as a result of them wearing Bioflow magnets with CRP. There are Bioflow magnets for horses too .


WARNING - Bioflow magnets should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pace-maker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.   Ecoflow Distributors are not usually medical practitioners and are therefore not qualified to provide medical advice. There are very few conditions that have not been helped by Bioflow magnets and it is most unlikely that a Bioflow can do any harm. However, if there is any reason for concern the customer should seek professional advice as to the suitability of the product.

. Please email for prompt attention to your questions.

Bioflow® is registered as a class 1 medical device. 

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