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Elegant Bioflow magnetic therapy bracelets that really work and can change lives.. Online secure sales of Bioflow magnetic therapy bracelets; Discovery Magnets offers prompt service, great guarantees and big discounts on Bioflow products


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Bioflow Pirouette - magnet therapy
Pirouette magnetic therapy bracelet
  • Pirouette is an elegant magnetic therapy bracelet with two powerful CRP magnets.
  • An additional link is included to allow for larger wrist sizes.
  • A small version for petite wrists.
  • Choice of gold plate and stainless steel.
  • Finesse (not illustrated) is a classically elegant magnetic therapy bracelet for ladies combined with performance.
  • The Finesse range includes large and small bracelets in either stainless steel or gold plate.
    Bioflow Elite - magnotherapy
    Elite magnetic therapy bracelet
  • Elite magnetic therapy bracelet
  • flexible and adjustable metal bracelet.
  • Choice of gold plate, two tone gold or polished stainless steel.
  • small size for ladies and larger size for gents.
  • Executive with reflex magnet
    Executive magnetic therapy bracelet
  • Executive is a discrete stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet module
  • pure leather strap with an integral relay magnet.
  • Once set, the concealed Rolex style clasp requires no further adjustment.
  • Explorer-2 magnetic therapy bracelet
  • Explorer-2 with a black or blue durable canvas strap
  • The strap is contoured to fit seamlessly into the magnetic therapy bracelet module.
  • A second CRP relay module is located in the fastener.
    Metal magnetic bracelets
    Duet magnetic therapy bracelet
  • Twin CRP magnetic therapy bracelets.
  • Duo complements the effects of magnotherapy with traditional copper.
  • Monet is a highly polished stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet containing no copper.
  • Duet is an elegant bracelet with two-tone gold plate and stainless steel.
    Classic magnetic therapy bracelet
  • Bioflow Classic in black only
  • Classic is a magnetic therapy bracelet with a single CRP magnetic module and Velcro straps.
  • The single CRP module offers slightly less benefit than the other models with dual magnetic therapy modules.
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