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Ecoflow What the Customers Say about Ecoflow and Bioflow

"... The most obvious improvement has been on the car - an ex-British Gas Renault Kangoo van actually - am getting on average another 50 miles out of a full tank of diesel. I used to get around 400 miles to a tank ..... now 450ish. ..."


I run a 9 year old Fiat Marea with some 206.000Km on the clock. The running performance was somewhat disappointing. Low end torque was terrible until the Turbo Kicked in, hill starts were horrendous in fact certain places were taboo as I could get in but not out without a good run and fuel consumption if I was generous at best returned 29mp. I fitted my Ecoflow and just completed 1000km. Within the first 300km there was a noted difference in the lower end torque now it is a pleasure to drive, hill starts are no worries without excessive clutch slipping and fuel consumption has improved to 33-35mg and I am confident this will improve further as more of the long term 9yr build up is burnt away. I can confidently recommend this product to anyone. Once again many thanks for your prompt attention in sorting out my alternative delivery request. It’s most gratifying to receive a pleasant and efficient service such as provided to me. Keep it up


"... I drive a 12 litre (380 bhp) DAF articulated lorry with a 40ft trailer and regularly drive from London to Athens ... Motoflow 2 has improved fuel efficiency by nearly 15% a saving of £122 per trip..."


"We have noticed reductions since the Thermoflow was fitted ... I am pleased to recommend the installation of Thermoflow ® to any large or small consumer."

General Manager

"After being somewhat sceptical, I am now positive that they really do work ..."


"... the improvement in my bikes performance is noticeable and Ecoflow® gives me far better fuel range ..."



"From being a sceptic I am convinced that Ecoflow® is the best add on ...
I have no hesitation in recommending it ..."


British Enduro Champion & Dakar Rally Class Winner
"As a fuel economiser
it works well ..."

Land Rover International


"... Ecoflow® is the best add-on for bikes and pays for itself in no time"


"We have just completed a 12 month test using Ecoflow® units on 50 of our vehicles, the fuel savings are remarkable and we have had no problems with exhaust gas emissions."

Transport Area Supervisor


"... having purchased an Ecoflow® in August 1995, I felt I must write to say how impressed I have been with the unit ..."


"... fitted so easily and with no mess and producing such a return (on investment) is amazing."



"... obvious that there is improved fuel efficiency when the Ecoflow® unit is fitted."

British Aerospace Defense Systems

"I emptied and cleaned the kettle of limescale deposits at the time of fixing the H2Flow - so far, no hard deposits of limescale on the kettle although there are small limescale deposits floating in the kettle water .... so I guess that's working the same throughout the rest of the water system and helping to reduce deposits on the pipes and elements. ..."


"I've found H2Flow extremely effective, I've taken photographs of two pans of water boiled, one filled before and one filled only 10 minutes after fitting, there's considerable less deposit in the second pan."


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