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Personal Testimony about Bioflow magnotherapy products

There is no better testimony than personal experience!  I sell Bioflow products because they worked for me and I have seen how well they work for others. 

A distributor suggested that I tried a Bioflow magnetic bracelet for my osteo arthritis. I was extremely sceptical and only the promise of a money-back guarantee persuaded me to give it a try.  After a day, I realised the truth of the distributor's warning that 'I would feel thirsty and might experience more pains or perhaps feel dizzy'. I experienced all of these, but also within a couple of days, felt a great improvement in my knees. Initially it seemed that the bracelet had not helped with my painful neck which had been diagnosed as spondylitis, but after a month I suddenly realised that the pain had virtually gone and for the first time in 8 years I had recovered full movement in my neck - something that tablets, physiotherapists and osteopaths had been unable to achieve. It has not completely left me and I still feel some stiffness and the usual cracks and creaks when I turn my head, but I have been able to live without any other form of therapy since wearing my Bioflow.  
I was convinced! If it could do this for me, could I help others with similar problems. Signing up as a distributor was easy and my sponsors were extremely helpful. At no time have they pressurised me to 'try harder' even though early sales were slow. 
My first sale was to a lady who had been a keen rambler, but her knees were restricting her from walking more than 3-4 miles. Within a week she was able to walk 8 miles without pain!
Next I sold to a gentleman with painful and swollen fingers. Within days his pain began to subside. After a few weeks he was delighted by the improvement and told me of an unexpected side-effect. He no longer needed to take his prescription medication for gout pains!    
Bioflow is not just for us arthritic oldies, young athletes find their inevitable knocks heal more quickly.
One lady's wrist had been severely fractured, it was swollen and constantly painful.  Bioflow achieved a truly remarkable result within days: her pain reduced to the point that she did not need pain-killers  and the swelling diminished.  

Another customer found he could make a fist for the first time in years and his knees improved to such an extent that he could take his wife onto the dance-floor. A truly delighted man.

Another lady bought her Bioflow in the hope that it would help her sore back and arthritic fingers, it did to an extent, but she told me several months later that her migraines which used to hit her almost every week had reduced to far less severe and less frequent headaches.

Some people obtain rapid results, with others it may take months. The unfortunate minority may not notice any improvement, hence there is a warranty that the Bioflow can be returned to me, in any conditon, but within 90 days of purchase. Provided the original packing and invoice or proof of purchase is also returned a full refund will be made, less 15% or RRP handling charge.

Bioflow is not actually a "cure" for anything. It simply helps your body function more efficiently by helping to correct salt imbalances and blood pH. Our aches and pains may feel the same as the next persons, but can often have different causes. Most people seem to achieve benefit in terms of pain-reduction from Bioflow. Some are dramatic, others less obvious. The company are very generous with their guarantees - if you are not happy, give it back in 90 days for a refund.



Important Note

Bioflow products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pace-maker or other active implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field. There is no substitute for sound medical advice and we recommend that if you are, or have been receiving any treatment for a particular condition and have any doubts about the use of a Bioflow, you should consult your doctor.  


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